When you download a new USB image file you may find the folder names in the ZIP/RAR archive are incorrectly labeled.

So what you need to do is make a folder on your USB pen drive called vuplus

Then inside the vuplus folder you make another folder called solo

So now you should have a folder in on your PEN drive root like this


Copy the following USB Image files from the ZIP/RAR achive to the vuplus/solo folder on your PEN Drive.


Power Off Solo
Insert USB Pen Drive in the front USB socket.
Power on Solo

The display window will show an orange/red LED constantly lit.
This means it's reading the data from the USB Pen into the buffer.


The display window will show the orange/red LED flashing.
This means it's now flashing the data to the receiver.

Wait until the LED changes to a Green Flashing LED.

When Green LED is flashing you can now safely power off the receiver and remove the USB Pen Drive.

Now Power on and wait for the receiver to boot.