How to setup a SWAP file using a USB stick

As follows :-

1} Press Blue button @STB Remote Control and then again press the Blue button, the info page will show you {1}

2} Then Select Swap File Settings, then the page will show you this {2}

3} Now press the (green) Create button, after you press the green button you see a message asking where to create the swap file. See picture {3}

4} The prefered place to create a swap file is the USB stick, so select USB and you will see {4}

5} Now you can select what size you file you want, I prefered 32mb {5}

6} Now you are back at page 2 and you see this {5}

7} Now you must active swap [Press Red button] after you select Activate you will see {6}

Now the swap has been created on your USB stick and you have 32mb of space to avaliable to be used by the image.