This guide will briefly show you how to configure a none Usuals motor on your Dreambox under the Diseqc 1.2 protocol.

On your Remote.

1. Setup-Service Searching-Motor-Setup.

2. Untick GotoX.

3. Press blue button for next page.

4. Make sure top drop-down bar is in position mode.

5. Start at Left side of Arc and select say 45 east.

6. Scroll to direction bar.

7. Now use the <> buttons on your remote to find 45 east, if you don't make sure the transponder your on is a working one ( Check Lyngsat) and try again.

8. When you find the signal and confirm it is the correct orbital position press the green button to store it. On the pop-up store at position 1.

Now repeat all the above for the next orbital position say 42 east and sore at position 2, repeat until all orbital positions are covered.