Some channel lists and indeed a scan on your own DM800/8000 will yield a radio screen on ITVHD

You will need to install Cute FTP and configure a connection to your DM800/8000.

In cute FTP navigate to /etc/enigma2

FTP the file lamedb to you desktop by drag and dropping it into the left hand window of cuteftp.

In cute FTP right click the lamedb file your just transfered to your desktop and select edit.This will open the file.

Now from the task bar click edit then find and replace in the top box type ITV HD.

Now edit your three ITV HD lines with these three lines


Some lamedb files use this format

p:SKY Digital,c:000d49,c:030d49,c:040d4a,c:050001,f:5

Now click the floppy disc icon on the task bar of cuteftp to save.

Now navigate to /etc/enigma2 and send the edited lamedb file back to that directory.

Now click the floppy disc icon on the task bar to save.

Now pull the power plug from back off your dm and re-apply power.

Note if ITVHD is not transmitting you'll see a test screen as long as it is not the radio screen its working.