Linear converter full Ku-band with two outputs. Turnkey solution to connect two receivers in different rooms or apartments or one dvuhtyunernogo apparatus for enhanced reception from the satellite.
Bargain connect two tuners to one satellite dish. When using such a converter, do not need to re-buy the whole antenna with wall mount and another converter, and not have to pay for the installation and configuration if you are not doing yourself.
In the converter with linear polarization Galaxy Innovations GI-212 with two outputs simultaneously work independently of each other two high and two LO mixer, resulting in what can make independent reception of satellite channels to two tuners.
- Frequency range - 10.7-11.7 / 11,7-12,75 GHz;
- Oscillator frequency - 9750/10600 MHz;
- The noise - 0.2 dB;
- Number of Outputs - 2;
- The type of polarization - linear