Universal converter for receiving a signal in a linear polarization satellite with four separate outputs. Is very stable due to the use of the stated parameters branded components and build quality.

Converter General Satellite GSLF-44E has excellent stability of parameters, regardless of the temperature changes and normalized noise as a result of modern semiconductor devices. Operates in full Ku-band frequencies, and has four independent RF outputs for simultaneous connection to it self up to four satellite receivers.
Normalized phase noise of the converter provides a good reception in a weakened signal, such as finding the antenna at the edge of confidence, lack of its size or the precipitation of low intensity.
- Frequency range - 10.7-11.7 / 11,7-12,75 GHz;
- Oscillator frequency - 9750/10600 MHz;
- The noise - 0.3 dB;
- The type of polarization - linear;
- Number of outputs - 4.