This build is our (much delayed) update and introduces new features as listed in the “Changes” section below, as well as addresses bugs reported in the previous build. It is recommended where possible to update to this build over any previous v2.0 builds due to the stability and other compatibility improvements it provides.

This release is now available for the following platforms:
  • Windows 32-bit (Windows 2000 and up)
  • Windows 64-bit (Windows XP64 and up)
  • Linux
  • Linux 64-bit
  • Raspbian (Raspberry Pi)
  • BSD 8.x
  • Mac OS X (Intel)


You can download the updated version of the DNAS v2 from the direct downloads for the operating system version you require:


Build 109 (11/29/2013):

  • Completed remaining v1.x compatibility improvements (specifically relating to YP availability issues so clients are now only blocked from connecting if there is no source connected)
  • Added experimental 'streamportlegacy' option to allow for supporting more than one direct legacy v1 source connection to the server (see documentation for usage / limitations)
  • Changed Windows service install / uninstall messages when UAC elevation / admin access is required to undertake the action
  • Fixed issues due to a bug in the handling of the 'useicy' option which is now deprecated and replaced by the 'disableicy' option (see documentation for usage)
  • Fixed reported issues with the 'Source Login Details' page (mainly showing mode availability incorrectly)
  • Fixed missing 'UID' value for client disconnects in the main log output
  • Fixed some clients being incorrectly shown as 'HTML5' client types when they were not on the admin pages
  • Fixed compile issues preventing the BSD build from being built for the prior release
  • Other miscellaneous code changes, improvments and related documentation updates