“Mahmoud Shokoko", whose real name is "Mahmoud Ibrahim Ismail Musa", was born on May 1, 1910.
He began his working career as a carpenter with his father and remained working with him until the age of twenty.
Shokoko joined up with some acting troupes that performed at the coffee shops facing his father’s workshop while he had free time. What initially began as a hobby turned into a passion, and “Shokoko” began performing at weddings as well as in other troupes such as "Hassan Al-Meligi’s" and “Mohammed’s Kahlawi’s" where he began to gain some fame.
Though he was illiterate, “Shokoko” was able to have a huge impact on the world of acting, and will always be remembered for his puppet character of “Aragouzsho" who is still taught at the Music Institute and the Institute of Acting today.