New Sell good dumps valid balance high. Eu/ASIA/USA 101-201. ICQ: 656503933
Hello everybody.

-We’re glad to offer you the one of the best dump outlet service.ONLY Dumps.ONLY FRESH product. Update USA BASE EVERY 1 - 2 days. About 90% of dumps go together with the first track.

We are not first year in this bizz and now our service temporarily available for public clients. We’re introduced in the market for some years. Our dumps cashout established a reputation as high-qualified and we’re following the admissible pricing policy.

- Our key benefits are:

1. Binlist generation by countries, bank names, card credit status & card level.

2. Safe communications through ICQ

3. We sell only first hand, high valid dumps and always fresh.

4. We guarantee that our dumps work in they region 90-95%.

5. We are seller ,not INSTANT DELIVERY.

If old base not was selled then this base will deleted after next update. We dont sell shit.

information :


.ICQ: 656503933

.Skype: base-legit

**I am Online 24/24**

+Sample Dumps+track 1&2 with pin.


Track1:B4631588243260760^ellison/stephen b^14091019424100488000000

PIN CODE: 1260



Track1: B4631588231060255^joiner/julian^14081013591100377000000

PIN CODE:Pin:5315


-- Our price:

United States of America (track1/track2) valid rate 95%:

Service code 101

Visa / MC Classic, Standard 35 $

Visa / MC Gold, Platinium 45 $

Visa / MC Bus, World, Signature 45 $

Visa / MC Corps, Purchasing 50 $


50 pcs USA mix 1000$

100 pcs USA mix 2500$

250 pcs USA mix 4000$.

Canada (track1/track2) valid rate 95%:

Service code 101, 201

Visa / MC Classic, Standart 40 $

Visa / MC Gold, Platinum 50 $

Visa / MC Corporate, Purchasing 55 $

Visa / MC Infinite, Purchasing 60 $

European countries (track2) valid rate 95%:

Service code 201

Visa / MC Classic, Standard 45 $

Visa / MC Gold, Platinium 55$

Visa / MC Infinite, Purchasing, Bus, Corps 60 $

Service code 101

Visa / MC Classic, Standard 60 $

Visa / MC Gold, Platinium 70 $

Visa / MC Bus, Corps etc 75 $

Visa / MC Infinite, Purchasing 80$

Third World Countries (China, Japan,Brazil, Hungary, India, Africa countries,

Latin-America countries) valid rate 90% (track2):

Service code 101

Visa / MC Classic, Standart 85 $

Visa / MC Gold, Platinum 110 $

Visa / MC Corporate, Purchasing 110 $

Visa / MC Infinite, Purchasing 120 $

(Prices are so high for Third World Countries because cardholders use it in US

Area & this fact is showing that card holders are rich persons)

- Replacement policy for DECLINED dumps:

! We will replace in 24 hrs max from the moment you receive the order and

replace will given (cheked)

!! We ONLY replace cards that say hold/stolen/decline/pick up/invalid. Region

block never will be replaced, so please choose your bin carefully

!!! We also do not replace dumps you have requested to be checked OR that have

been checked by you and got approval

but in store did not work, it is a well known fact that ALL checkers kill 90% of

cards shortly after checking.

it is your problem if you check not ours, we provide only FRESH dumps so no need

for check before use.

!!!! Replace will be given checked only if customer will complaint on a high

decline rate because we will suspect him in cheating & begging for free dumps

(we are knowing validrate of our base which is always perfect). High decline

rate is 30% or more. Also this situation can happens if you will try dumps for

high amounts or in blocked countries (e.g. you will try USA dumps in eastern

European countries). Our service is not responsible for those situations. After

that replace will not be given as we are never replacing approved by our checked

dumps & we can deny you further using of our service.

- Payment methods:

We accept payments only through money Western Union ( WU )and Webmoney (WMZ) and moneygram (MG) and Bicoin (BTC)

WU andMG Minimum order 500$ + 10% Drop Fee , but for first deal this amount 250$.

- Our contact:


.ICQ: 656503933

.Skype: base-legit

+ Sell cvv good and fresh

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