EnigmEdit (soft et tuto)

Utility to send his favorite of his DM 7020 with Enigma1 image to its DM 800 hd pvr with Enigma2 picture.
Tested between 7020 succees operating with a picture gemini 4.1
and a 800 hd running unee picture NabiloBlackHole_DM800_11

1: click OPTION

2: click on "dreambox Enigma 1 (dreambo 7000)"
3: Configure the IP subnet of your dreambox with this picture

4: click on Enigma 2.4 (dreambox 800)
5: 3: Configure the IP subnet of your dreambox 800
6: Save your settings

6 (bis dsl): click on NET
7: choose the dreambox that sends Favorites (here Enigma1, dm 7000)
8: click on "Red" to load

9:click on "Enigma 2.4 (dreambox 800) if not, it's "returned"
10:click on "Write"

11: It's over and if all went well, the utility offers a reboot of dreambox 800, Accept and do not forget
activate the settings in "Multiple Bouquets" by putting "yes."


have fun !