TS-Doctor v 1.2.128



- Display of the station name for recordings of an entire transponder with all PIDs
- No longer functioning SRT Time Changer fixed
- Better support for transponder recordings with many encrypted stream
- Now also PCR jumps at the end of recordings are detected correctly
- Very short cutting areas (less than 500ms) are filtered for the automatic cut to avoid cutting problems
- Evaluation of the Service_Descriptor_Table if found, to get the channel name
- Interpolation of the recording start time if no time information via Teletext or TOT is present
- If a file needs to be repaired first all streams remain in the fixed file
- Screenshot available even during playback in the cutting window now, playback is temporarily paused
- In the cutting window the cursor no longer moves to the end, when jumping backwards via -1m, -10s or -1s button
- Better support for splitted files of Kathrein UFS 903
- Fixed drag&drop of multiple files on the main window
- Support for channel logos (channelname.png)
- Uses automatically existing channel logos of DVBViewer
- VDR channel logo pack from 3PO can be downloaded
- Extracting recording infos from TechniSat REC files
- Teletext analysis improved for some channels and some channels added
- Year indication in the teletext analysis improved

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