Press the following:

-> Menu


->Service Searching

->Tuner Configurtion

->Configuration Mode: advanced

Satellite: 01=19.2E ASTRA
Use usals for this sat: no
Stored position: 001
DiSEqC mode: 1.2
Use Usals: No
Sat Position:001

So, in every satellite that you want to have on motor you should do the same, just select the satellite and store the same position as it is in the begining of satellite name like..

After you add all satellites you want in Tuner Configurtion than go back to Service Searching.

->Positioner setup
Tune: and press RED button.

Select the satellite that you want to find and remember his position number which is writen in begining, than press OK.

Positioner movement: with Green or Yellow button find a satellite signal that you choose.

After you get the Satellite signal go to: Positioner storage

Fix the same position number how is writen in begining on Satellite name and press GREEN button (Store position) and than YELLOW (Goto position)

You do the same thing with all satelites that you want to have on your DM800..