its easy to add Playlist or Lists of channels to this decoder

its same as vlc or tvplayers

following to type on notepad
EXTINF:0, (your tv channel name)

save as m3u (mytv.m3u)
before you save
utf-8 on ( you can find utf-8 below where you put the name of your m3u)
(IMPORTANT no utf-8 it wont work)
so if you save you get a Mediaplayer file ( NO TEXT) you can open the file with vlc or mediaplyer

But if you hace a File M3U
you get any one from Net or you buy one from any provider.

Now put it on USB
Go GO!! to your Mag 250
Enter USB
Go to ''home media''
Find USB
Press USB
You find the package
Press you ''m3u list''
(it gonna ask IS it utf-8 coded )
press yes

Now you see your TV channel names
Press 1 and you can watch !! WOW !! I'm Watching Sky Sport Channel !!

For savings to mag250 ( you dont need to go home media everytime )


Press menu
Press select all
Press menu again
Press copy
Press TV (its on your remote )
Now you go to iptv channelslist
Press menu
Press paste
After that Press EXIT( 1 or 2 times but dont hurry)
It will ask Save this
press yes

and now its saved in stb ( it wont cost memory )