Hello Guys,
as I`m relatively new to this whole IP-TV Topic and I want to act responsibly to my potential customers, I seek individuals to provide me with stable only greek Channel Streams so I can re-sell them directly to customers. Its somewhow a lot of trouble to watch greek TV here in Germany and even expensive Subscriptions and Hardware cant really be relyed on. I`m working with custom TV Solutions but there would be much more effective and user-friendly ways as most of the people I know have big trouble even connecting their Set Top Box to TV. As for Platform Stalker Middleware and Mag 250 infrastracture would be ok but on longterm I need also other ways to implement - (XBMC,PC/WEB, Android APP). M3U support would also be a good solution if there are ways to give Access to channel-List through MAC Adress or things like that.

So I need either mirroring Streams on self created Server(renting Streams) or individual Access for my customers (Pay per User). As I dont want to take more then 8 per month for basic 5-6 Streams and 13 for Premium subscription 10-12 Streams (Sports etc.) you can calculate your offer on that basis and provide me an offer.

If there is a stable implementation as I allready have a customer basis - I would also go for other etnics like russian, polish etc. and also offer them low budget IP TV.

If I dont get any offer I would just catch terrestrial or satellite, transcode and "beam" on Server but I believe in cooperative spirit and this whole thing isnt just for money. For some of my people here its really a big thing having their greek TV connection.

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