Got a new smartphone or tablet for Christmas? Get the BBC Sport app
Download the award-winning BBC Sport app and you can follow all the latest news and scores on the go, wherever you are.

The app is free and easy to download - simply head to the relevant link below:

Windows Phone
Once you've downloaded the app, you can enjoy all our sport coverage - live video, highlights, radio, scores and articles - and you can even make the experience more personal.

Support a football, rugby or cricket team? You can set up alerts so that when a goal or try is scored, or a wicket falls, you get an alert. You can also add Formula 1 alerts and we'll be expanding our alerts offering in the new year.

There's no need to personalise, you will still get all our sport coverage, but if you want your favourite sport or team higher up the menu you can do that. Want darts above rugby league? Simply customise the menu.

And you can even create your own sport area, called My Sport. Here you can select all the sports and team that matter to you and then see them in one place, and you can access this page on any device.