1. Telnet to your box and type 'passwd' at the prompt.

2. Forgotten or unknown password

  1. Install Dreambox Explorer* from Addon-Plugins.
  2. Restart the GUI if required.
  3. Open the plugin.
  4. Move the cursor down to Code:
  5. Press OK.
  6. Scroll down until you see the 2 files 'passwd' & 'passwd-' (passwd- is the original password file).
  7. Now goto (passwd) and delete it and confirm deletion.
  8. Move the cursor & highlight (passwd-).
  9. Press GREEN to rename.
  10. Move the cursur right to the end (right side).
  11. Remove the dash by using the '<' key on your RTM
  12. Press OK to confirm and to save changes.
  13. Exit the plugin.
  14. Restart the GUI

Job done

*or similar (tuxcom, filebrowser)