Formula 1: Bernie Ecclestone warns teams on engines
Bernie Ecclestone has told BBC Sport that there will be "trouble ahead" unless he gets his way on engines.

Formula 1's commercial supremo thinks the sport's turbo hybrid power-units are too complicated and expensive.

Instead, the 85-year-old wants a cheaper, simpler engine that independent companies can produce, not just the bigger road-car manufacturers.

"Until we get an engine that can be built at a lot less cost, yes, there will be trouble ahead," he said.

The four car manufacturers in F1 - Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda - all back the current technology because it is helping drive fuel efficiency in road cars.

But their cutting-edge design means smaller companies struggle to build them because of the costs involved.

Ecclestone admitted one of the reasons he wants to open up F1 to independent engine suppliers is that car manufacturers have too much power and influence.