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Thread: Repair Clarke Tech 5000 + combo

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    My Clarke Tech 5000 + stopped while recording a few days ago. Complete blockage.

    After disconnecting the sector can not do it again. Either it does not turn at all, or I just left the blue banner but nothing else, it is stuck on the message 'loader' on the front, but no display, no sound, no remote control, the external hard drive will not start.

    Not much on the forums, a pseudo factory reset procedure, but it does not work.

    More than apart, as the warranty is over:

    Verdict As usual, a capacitor in the power supply is convex (he even cast here). Extracted power and the capacitor is dessoude (3300 uF - 10V). Appeal to the capacitance, it is death.

    Clear verdict in capacitance, it is death.

    Is replaced (by a 16V for that matter), and:

    So, if it can accommodate those with Clarke Tech (at least for the symptoms described above), but it is clear that this type of failure (power supply capacitor bulging) is a relatively common problem with other brands also with consequences more or less different.
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