XMLTV settings in VIX 3

Here’s the settings that work best using XMLTV

First go to EPG setup … menu/setup/system/epg/settings …the only thing you really need to do here is set the EPG location to USB on the top row

EPG Location - /media/usb/

Then … menu/setup/system/epg/settings/setup/system/epg/settings/XMLTV-Importer

You will notice that daily automatic import is disabled, this is because some people have found this causes problems (but you may not)

instead of using this option enable “start import after booting up” and use power manager to reboot the box daily (see power manager)

Daily automatic import - DISABLED
Automatic start time - 0700
Standby at startup - disable
When in deep standby - skip the import
Show in plugin browser - NO
Show in extensions - NO
Start import after booting up - ENABLE
Load long dexcriptions up to X days - 7

Then choose your sources (blue button)


After you’ve chosen your sources … green button to ok then yellow to start a manual import.

When import is finished you should have a populated EPG

As referred to earlier use power manager to boot the box daily to update the epg

Menu/setup/system/vix/power manager

Enable Power Manager - YES
Enable Standby - YES
Standby time - 0900
Retry after cancel (mins) - 30
Enable Deep Standby - NO
Enable GUI Restart - NO
Enable Reboot - YES
Reboot Time - 0800
Retry after cancel (mins) - 30

Set reboot and standby time to suit

Once you’re finished setting everything up press epg button then the menu button to set the look of the epg to suit your needs

View Mode - TEXT
Show bouquet on launch - NO
Picture in graphics - YES
Service title mode - Service Name
Info button (short) - Channel Info
Info button (long) - Single EPG
OK button (short) - ZAP
OK button (LONG) - ZAP + EXIT
Channel 1 at Start - NO
Skip empty services - NO
Base time - 15 MINUTES
Primetime Hour - 20
Primetime Minute - 0
Number of rows - 12
Event font size - -4
Service font size - -1
Service Width - 248
Picon Width - 58
Timeline font size - 0
Timescale - 180