How VU + Here is a guide how to organize a blackhole green panel with the most frequently used plug-ins first in the list of plugins

1 button
2 Red button (Settings panel)


3 Changing the order of the list of plugins

Screenshot (1).

screenshot (2)

Now the up / down you can go to our plugin, and the number buttons to enter the number shown
on the list (01 if we are the first in the list)
For example:
if you want to add Meoboot the top of the list and change the media scanner from 01 to 06
and Meoboot from 06 to 01


continue with other plug-ins we like and at the end press the red button to record
Key Note: Do not use the same number for two or more plugins

Done my green panel on the Meoboot move first on the list
Screenshot (3). .

Tutorial with CS-A Team Black Hole