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Thread: Oscam Version Auto Update on Dreambox V5

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    Oscam Version Auto Update on Dreambox V5

    Oscam is an open-source project and the developers constantly update the SVN. If you are a freak about having your devices up to date then you can use this script that downloads the latest version of Oscam for your box and installs it.
    The script supports 3 platforms : powerpc-tuxbox, mips-tuxbox and mips-wrt45g.
    The default START and STOP command use the script “/usr/script/oscam.emu” which is the one present at the box where I developed the script.
    You need to adapt this commands to use your own scripts. Usually they are present in /usr/script or /var/script.
    Download this script and upload it to the “/usr/script” or “/var/script” folder on dreambox and set the permissions to 755.
    After configuring the script, you can update using telnet to the box and execute the command “sh /usr/script/” or “sh /var/script/
    Alternatively you can set a cronjob to execute the script at a given time (ie: everyday at 5:00 AM) which really make the process completely automatic.

    If you like my free work, please consider making a donation and help me pay for the hosting and all the coffee and beer I drink developing this free software.
    Version 5 available for download.
    This version should fix the tar extracting of the file.
    Platform “mips-tuxbox” was removed and a new one was created, it is now “mips-tuxbox-oe2.0″.

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