Upgrade Enigma2 by USB


1.We only recommend Kingston USB stick, we donít support USB hard disk, you can try another usb stick.
2.Please make sure your USB stick only have 1 partition and the file system is FAT32
3.Set default booting system to [enigma2].

Upgrade Step:

1.Make sure [C:/engima2] is exist, if not, please create this folder.
2.copy [uImage] and [e2jffs2.img] to [C:/engima2]
3.Connect USB stick to STB
4.Keep Pressing [OK] Button in Front Panel, then power on STB.
5.After 5 seconds, you will see [Forc] in LED, release [OK] button and press [Right] Button.
then press down button > you will see [enig]
now press [Right] Button, you will see [fact] for a moment.and press the ok button
6.if everything OK, You will see [U LD] shining in LED
7.if upgrade success, You will see [SUCC] and STB reboot automatically
If upgrade not finishes in 5 minutes, then there must be something wrong, please check your configuration and re-try