A question that is often asked is "Does my receiver work with a Sky card?

So I thought it would be a good idea if we had one thread where members could post any info they had.

It may be that you have read it on another forum or have personal experience (better).

Please state the model number etc, whether it need patching, and if it will 'keep the card alive"
Obviously, do not post any Sky dodgyboxes, we all know they can.

My contribution.
(read on other forums and here)

TM-3300 2CA, Reads but doesn't keep alive, patching not necessary,but only works in left hand slot unless patched.
One assumes that the other models in the family eg 3100,3200,3400 also work.

Darkbox Rev2007, reads the card, no other information.


EDIT Decided to make a list here to combine all the posts:

Technomate TM-3300 2CA

Darkbox Rev2007

Virtually All Linux boxes (with appropriate EMUs + will keep card alive)

Vantage 200 series models

Vantage HD 8000S

Manhattan Plaza XT range

Technomate TM6800 / TM6900

Clarke Tech 2100p

Clarke Tech 5000 HD

Diablo CAM

Dragon CAM

Technomate 3500

MVision ST-5

Octagon SD receivers