Installing CCcam protocol in your Dreambox in Gemini image
Please follow these simple instructions to install CCcam on your Dreambox
Image Enigma 1

  • Go to blue panel by pressing blue button on remote
  • Go to Addons. In there you will see download catagories which contain cam and cam-config
  • First go to cam and install cccam 2.1.11 or the latest version available
  • Then from cam-config install cccam-config 2.1.11 or the latest version available
  • From blue panel go to top of panel and use left/right buttons to scroll to CCcam 2.1.11 (or the version you have installed above)
  • Now press the Green button to start CCcam
  • Use an FTP program and editor to connect to your Dreambox and navigate to the var/etc directory. A suitable editor is DCC which can be downloaded from our site here.
Install files cccam.cfg and cccam.prio

  • Start the DCC and follow the creen shot below

Image Enigma 2

  • Press the blue button (Blue Panel)
  • Settings.
  • Options.
  • Downloads gemini server.
  • cam. Select a version CCcam.
  • complete.
  • Press the blue button (Blue Panel).
  • select CCcam (the version you downloaded) using the left / right.
  • start cccam.