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Thread: CCcam 2.14 Auto Installer for ICECRYPT S4000 HD & OCTAGON S1018HD PVR

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    CCcam 2.14 Auto Installer for ICECRYPT S4000 HD & OCTAGON S1018HD PVR

    CCcam 2.14 Auto Installer for ICECRYPT S4000 HD & OCTAGON S1018HD PVR


    CCcam 2.1.4 Auto Installer Application by KinkDink
    For ICECRYPT S4000 HD PVR and OCTAGON S1018HD PVR Receivers.

    Firmware Requirements
    ICECRYPT S4000 HD PVR Firmware Version: v1.07.89 or above.
    OCTAGON S1018HD PVR Firmware Version: v1.07.86 or above.

    Installer Instructions
    First, get the IP address of your receiver. To do this:
    Press Menu --> Installation --> Network Settings --> change DHCP off and then ON

    You will then get an IP number.

    Unzip all the files including the 'var' folder in this zip to your local HDD.
    Be sure to tick the box "Use Folder Names" or "Extract Full Paths" depending on your Zip Utility.
    File structure should look like this on your Hard Disk after unzipping.


    If you don't see the 'var' folder then you've unzipped the files incorrectly.

    Edit the CCcam.cfg file in the /var/keys folder and add your C line.
    Use a suitable text editor like notepad to do this then save the file.

    Now run the ICE_CCcam_installer.exe application.

    Enter the IP address of your ICECRYPT S4000HD or OCTAGON SF1018HD Receiver into the IP Address box.
    Unless you have changed the password of your receiver leave the password box blank.
    If you have added a password to your receiver then enter that password into the password box.
    Click on the INSTALL button to FTP the files to the Receiver.

    When all files have successfully transferred, power off the receiver (power switch on the back)
    to reboot, then power on.

    In Receiver Menu:

    Press Menu --> Utilities --> CAS --> OK Button
    Switch internal card reader OFF.

    Reboot Receiver.
    Press Menu --> Utilities --> CAS --> Plugin --> OK Button
    octagon.s40 plugin will be listed, this is the CCcam plugin.
    Press the Green Button to start the plugin.
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