Installing CCcam protocol in your Dreambox in Gemini image
Please follow these simple instructions to install CCcam on your Dreambox
Image Enigma 1

  • Go to blue panel by pressing blue button on remote
  • Go to Addons. In there you will see download catagories which contain cam and cam-config
  • First go to cam and install cccam 2.1.11 or the latest version available
  • Then from cam-config install cccam-config 2.1.11 or the latest version available
  • From blue panel go to top of panel and use left/right buttons to scroll to CCcam 2.1.11 (or the version you have installed above)
  • Now press the Green button to start CCcam
  • Use an FTP program and editor to connect to your Dreambox and navigate to the var/etc directory. A suitable editor is DCC which can be downloaded from our site here.
Install files cccam.cfg and cccam.prio

  • Start the DCC and follow the creen shot below

Image Enigma 2

  • Press the blue button (Blue Panel)
  • Settings.
  • Options.
  • Downloads gemini server.
  • cam. Select a version CCcam.
  • complete.
  • Press the blue button (Blue Panel).
  • select CCcam (the version you downloaded) using the left / right.
  • start cccam.

Install files cccam.cfg and cccam.prio

Image Installation Support on DM500s
Please follow these simple instructions to install image on your Dreambox 500s or other Dreambox working on Enigma 1
You will need either FlashWizardPro or Dreamup software to install the firmware on the DM500. Other Dreambox have a built in firwmare loader - please consult your instruction book for details. FlashWizardPro can be downloaded in this pages
You will need an image for your Dreambox model. We provide a Nabilo images Back up for DM500s that can be downloaded from in this pages and it works on clone and original DM500s.

  • We will now assume you are using FlashWizardPro.
  • Run FlashWizard on your PC
  • Now select configuration and utlities from Flash Wizard Pro
  • Enter Dreambox profile name
  • Dreambox IP Address (found from your Dreambox under Menu/Setup/Expert/Communications)
  • Dreambox Username (default is root)
  • Dreambox Password (default is dreambox)

Now select install a firware image into flash memory. Open the image which you downloaded by selecting the yellow folder icon next to the Drag or Drop a file here or open folder.
Let Flash Wizard Pro install the image to your Dreambox. When it is finished, you will need to restart the Dreambox by removing and applying the power. Do NOT power off the box until Flash Wizard Pro is finished or you will corrupt your box.
Once restarted, use your remote control to set up your box as desired. You can now also follow our instructions to install CCcam as detailed
remark: The Nabilo image Back up that we provide on ower site has already protocol cccam installed. if you use it, you have just to install cccam.cfg and cccam.prio