Current List of Channels

The Channel # is something completely arbitrary, selected so it doesn’t overlap with Digital Free To Air TV channels.

The first 30 channels were the original TPG’s channel order. Channels from 330 were added as introduced by TPG

Channel #
Name URL
301 Al Jazeera (English) udp://
302 Bloomberg (English) udp://
303 Channel News Asia (English) udp://
304 World of Fashion (English) udp://
305 Eurosport (English) udp://
306 Eurosport News (English) udp://
307 Deutsche Welle (German/English) udp://
308 Phoenix InfoNews (Mandarin) udp://
309 TRT (Turkish) udp://
310 TVE International (Spanish) udp://
311 Chinese TV1 (Mandarin) udp://
312 Chinese TV2 (English) udp://
313 Chinese TV3 (Mandarin) udp://
314 Chinese TV4 (Mandarin) udp://
315 Chinese TV5 (Mandarin) udp://
316 Chinese TV6 (Mandarin) udp://
317 Cuba Vision (Spanish) udp://
318 Dutch TV (Dutch) udp://
319 Greek TV (Greek) udp://
320 Hungarian TV (Hungarian) udp://
321 Indonesian TV (Indonesian) udp://
322 Malaysian TV (Multiple Languages) udp://
323 Movie Classics (English) udp://
324 Russia Today (English) udp://
327 SCTV (Mulitple Languages) udp://
328 TV5MONDE (French) udp://
329 Voice Of America (Multiple Languages) udp://
330 NASA TV (English) udp://
331 Hindi Entertainment (Hindi) udp://
332 Indian News (Multiple Languages) udp://
333 Indian Sports (Hindi) udp://
334 Thai TV5 (Thai) udp://
335 VTV4 (Vietnamese) udp://
398 Playboy TV Preview (English) udp://