AzIPTV is AZBox IPTV player based on Sigma rmfp_player

It works on all AZBox receivers including Me, MiniMe, Elite, Premium, Premium+ and Ultra.

AzIPTV Download fom Attachments

How to install:

Please unpack , enter in AzIPTV\usr\lib\enigma2\python\Plugins\Extensions\ and there You will see AzIPTV folder, now connect by FTP to your receiver and copy AzIPTV folder to /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/ and then reboot your receiver. After that You will see AzIPTV in main menu.

Short Info about AzIPTV:

AzIPTV - in his root folder is located config file - for now only settings for pre-buffering:

# Buffer size - must be >= 128

Folder Lists have .m3u list of channels and bouquets (list of bouquets)
0.m3u - is All channels
1.m3u - first bouqeuet
2.m3u - second bouqeuet

Picons folder have smal png pictures - standard Picons
Name of Picon file must be same as name of channel in *.m3u ch list
If Picon dont exist - AzIPTV load default picon : picon_default.png (AZBox Logo)

Plugin is easy for use , have Menu - for picture size/strech

Up,Down,Left,Right,OK, ... standard keys in use

http and rtsp work ok (but only for WMA/WMV not for other codecs) user can use local proxy for other - standard way/solution for rstp - through rtmpgw and so on.

All lists containt 2 IPTV streams, just for example, then you can fill it with your streams.

HD Media 3DTV 1

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HD Media 3DTV 2

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AZBox Elite, Me, Premium, MiniMe, Ultra, Premium+