HDMU 10709 enigma2 Git 5302 01/III/2013
Image Changelog:

- fix merge
- Remove SleepTimerEdit Screen from skin_default.xmk
- MediaPlayer: Add exit protection
- Remove inactivity timer setting from userinterface setting
- Simplify the Sleeptimer.
- Limit choices visiable at once to 5 for MessageBox
- Adjustments for more choices of Messagebox at skin_default.xml
- MessageBox: Add possibility to get more choices than only yes/no
- fix typo
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'openplie2/master'
- Give the About screen a label on the green button.
- On all screens: Move from green to key_green etc.
- Display remaining time since an event was aired as negative.
- Do not show inforbar when going to menu
HDMU-Plugins Changelog:

- fix typo
- make lcd switchable
- try fix tuner bug on mc exit
IPK Changelog:

- fix Burnseries Plugin
- fix BurnSeries in Mediaportal Plugin
- del unused file
- update CubicStreamer Thx giopet
- fix permission
- update SkyAnytime Plugin Thx giopet
- add YoutubeUploader Plugin Thx giopet
- del files
- update Blu-Ray Plugin Thx giopet
- del old files
- fix Metrix_cyan Skin
- del now unused files
- fix Burnseries Plugin Thx Dimis
- update Mediaportal Plugin
- upadte MediaInfo Plugin Thx giopet
- small fix
- del unused files
- update nogfx Skin to v2
- Merge branch 'master' of ***/git/ipk
- fix menu key in shoutcast
- del unusused file
- small fix
- update SkyAnytime Plugin Thx Dimis
- del some files
- update MetrixHDmod Skin Thx suchmich
upload by giku !!!
Download link:
HDMU_10709_E2_ipbox9000_211_git_5302_nodebug_Diff0 _gst_USB.tar.gz