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OpenBox S9 HD
[IMG]http://*************************/openbox.jpg[/IMG] Openbox S9 firmware/CCcam.cfg upgrade, from the start to the end!
Right then, for all who are thinking about buying a Openbox s9 HD for C@rdSh@ring... A Nice and Cheap (cheapest i believe) HD Satellite Receiver in the market!

  1. Download the latest firmware upgrade (You can find the latest here).
  2. If you already have an active CCcam c-lines
  3. - Your line will looks like this: C: 4yourtest.logto.me 23456 idnumber password
  4. then copy/backup into CCcam.cfg file. Otherwise ask us to sent you ready CCcam.cfg file that will include your subscription c-lines.
  5. Copy the 2 files ( firmware/CCcam.cfg) that you have to a USB Flash Drive (USB Flash Drive have to be "FAT Format" and files have to be at the Start of drive i.e E: and NOT at any "Folder").
  6. Plug the USB Flash Drive into the back of the receiver.
  7. Setup your Openbox as normal, e.g. sat cable, hdmi or scart cable ,lan, power cable, etc. and turn it on.
  8. On the "Remote control" Press " Menu ", scroll down to " Tools " > " Upgrade by USB " (select the firmware .abs file that's on your USB Drive) > " Start "
  9. It will then ask you if you wish to " Burn the Flash " , press " OK " = Yes
  10. The new firmware will now be installed on the box and takes a few mins to complete.
  11. (P.S. Please DON'T follow steps 6. & 7. if your Openbox is already updated with Firmware supports CCcam Emulator)
  12. After receiver reboots ,press " Menu " > " Network Setup " > " Network Setup " and turn " DHCP ON " and Apply.
  13. Then back to the Menu Screen and " Network Setup " and press > " CCcam client setup " > " Update Files by USB ".
  14. Select the "CCcam.cfg" and then press "Read" > then Reboot.
  15. Then back to Menu Screen and "Network Setup" > "CCcam client Setup" > "Manage Config Files" > "CCcam.cfg",and Activate all your c-lines (you have to highlight each one and Activate).
  16. Reboot the box and remove the USB Flash Drive.

Now you should have an "Openbox s9 HD" with upgraded Firmware with CCcam running and all your c-lines active! You can now do a Sat Search and set up your favorites.



Note: This tutorial is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY