The C: is already in your email . Your line will looks like this:

C: 4yourtests.loginto.me 23456 idnumerhere password

  1. Press "Menu"
  2. Highlight USB
  3. Scroll down to "Network"
  4. "OK" at 1st one, "Type-on"
  5. Down to "1st server setup" press "OK", "Server 01", "OK", L-R to "CCcam"
  6. Down to "IP" address, "OK", put in the IP ADDRESS = 4yourtests.loginto.me. To save press "Menu"-"Save"
  7. Down to "PORT"address, "OK", put in the PORT NUMBER =23456. To save press "Menu"-"Save"
  8. Down to "USERNAME"address, "OK", put in the USERNAME =idnumerhere. To save press "Menu"-"Save"
  9. Down to "PASSWORD"address, "OK", put in the PASSWORD =password. To save press "Menu"-"Save"
  10. Down to Press "APPLY", "OK" --- "DONE"
  11. Do the same this other servers Exit all menus. Reboot. Enjoy!


Note: This tutorial is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES