The following menu examples are from the Samsung ES8000 (UE55ES8000) Flagship 3D LED LCD TV reviewed, other Samsung TVs may have fewer settings.

Note: if your TV has been previously calibrated by a professional, then making adjustments to your TV's picture will undo that work.

Disclaimer: we have suggested the settings below as a starting point from which you can proceed to Step 3 of our guide to further refine your TV's picture. We make no guarantee that making the above adjustments here will improve your TV's picture, but broadly speaking, it *should* do.

Basic Settings Page 1.
This is the first page of settings in the picture menu.
Select the Movie Picture Mode but do not change any of the other settings on this page without the appropriate tools, such as test patterns. We will show you how to do this in Step 3 of the PicturePerfect campaign.

Scroll down at the bottom of basic settings page 1 to see page 2.

Basic Settings Page 2.
The Picture sub-menus (Screen Adjustment, Advanced Settings and Picture Options) are found on this page of the basic settings.

Note : If you think you have made a mistake with any of your TV picture adjustments, selecting the Reset Picture option will return the TV picture to its default settings. From here you can start your picture adjustments from the beginning.

From Basic Settings Page 2 select Screen Adjustment.
On this menu page, for High Definition content, select a Picture Size of Screen Fit.

From Basic Settings Page 2 select Advanced Settings to get this first of two advanced settings pages.
We recommend you copy these settings to your Samsung TV.

On the Advanced Settings page, navigate to the bottom and scroll down to see Advanced Settings Page 2.
We recommend you copy these settings to your Samsung TV.

From Basic Settings Page 2 select Picture Options.
We recommend you copy these settings to your Samsung TV.

And that's it for Step 2 on 2012 Samsung LCD TVs. Proceed to Step 3 for information on how to adjust the final controls.