Seen this online, and thought it would be good to share with cam-sats!

Setting up your Spiderbox
This is how to set it up the easiest way possible.
USALS motor setup.
_________________________________ __
Connect all cables.
LNB cable to LNB in
HDMI or Scart connected between the TV and the spiderbox
Network cable connected. One end to the spiderbox and the other to a suitable router.
Turn it on There IS a switch at the back.
press the power switch in your remote control to turn it on.

Press the menu button.

Select the Installation section by scrolling right/left

Go to motor setup, press OK

Enter pin code "0000"

Press the green button to allow you to enter your longitude and latitude.

Longitude is switched between E & W by pressing the < and > buttons.

Enter your longitude by using the number keys. Note: if your Longitude is 1.5W (for example) you must enter 001.5W in this field.

Enter your latitude, e,g, 55.6N. You can change N to S with the arrow keys too, but most of you won't want to do that.

Scroll down to save and press OK.

********************************* ***************** **
Apply a patch:

Get a USB stick.

Download a patch if you have not requested, or do not want the gift channels
For a patch with the gift channels, download a gift patch.

EXTRACT the file (*.uad) from the rar file and copy it to your USB stick.
You must extract the file using winzip or winrar or a similar program as the rar file on a USB stick will not be of any use to you.

Insert the USB stick into one of the USB ports in your spiderbox.

Go to the Accessory Section of the menu and select USB.

Scroll to the .uad file you have copied there and press OK

In the popup window, select S/W Update

Wait for your box to load the patch.. DO NOT POWER OFF

The box will reboot by itself with the new patch installed.

Apply a settings list
Fix Tools for SpiderBox HD and FORCE BOOT
Fix Tools for SpiderBox HD and FORCE BOOT
Adding external servers
If you have a patch loaded, and you want to add a CCcam or newcamd server to your spiderbox..

In the Accessories menu, select Network
the third entry down in the first colum is "Server" select "Server Setup" to the right of that field.
You will see a column with "01.Off" to "08.Off"

Select the field next to 01.Off.

Type gives you the option of CCCAM or NEWCAMD
The entried are almost identical for these setups

Selecting CCCAM
You must have a C-Line given to you by a friend with a server, or one you have created yourelf if you have your own server.

If you have a line like
C: 12000 login password
it may have other parameters beyond password, ignore them
C: 13000 login password { 0:0:2 } etc..

Enter the **** "" or "" into the "**** or IP Address" field.

Enter 12000 or 13000 etc. (it cna have whatever value the server owner sets) into the "Port" field

ID and Password are obvious.

For Newcamd, you must have been given an N-Line which looks like this

N: friend, 11000 login password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

The only difference is that it starts with an "N" which is discarded for our purposes, and the string of numbers 01 - 14 (in this case) which is the DES Key.

enter the sequence given to you by your friend in the DES Key field without spaces.
The example above would look like this

To save your CCCAM or NEWCAMD lines, select "Apply" at the bottom of each screen.
Cfg for CCcam by usb.
Cfg for CCcam only by USB
This is another fantastic Option of SpiderBox,,,

Putting The C line in Tex just by USB....
Can be similar Text file like in DM..but in easy way not Ftp needed....ONLY USB 1 sec.

You write in Text files your C line

C: *** 12000 user1 user2

Mean for CCcam for example


**** or IP = ***
Port= 1200

Remember to unzip first.

1) open the cfg file (it may open by clicking normally or you may need to open it with edit with notepad function or alike)

2) make sure its empty inside

3) open your document that has your cline in it (it may open by clicking normally or you may need to open it with edit with notepad function or alike)

4)copy your cline and paste it into cfg file

5) close cfg file
6) send cfg file to usb
7) upload usb to spiderbox and you will be asked do you want to import cfg YES OR NO....naturally you select yes and job done...

Any corrections, suggestions or tips on this receiver welcome.