Wanted !!

- Chance to join our team :

The forum is growing, and continues to grow - and it's clear that one person cannot be expected to moderate the whole site - reading every comment and acting on them with any kind of knowledge of the subject and individuals is fast becoming impossible.

So - I'd like to implement a model used on other large forums - where moderators look after individual areas of the site and are able to do the administration tasks required for that section of the site.

If you are keen on a specific subject - you can be the moderator for that section of the site - and using a simple set of menu options can move, hide, delete and even edit comments to keep that section of the site running smoothly. I'll still retain the admin rights - as well as the running of the site and approval of new members.

If you think you can add to the running of the Forum - please let me know in this thread or by PM - I'll make a list of everyone interested (and what sub-forums they could manage) and then start appointing people. I'll also use this group of people to help drive changes to site rules and guidelines.

I look forward to growing the team that keep Cs-AlloCCcam a useful & friendly place.


Send me PM for ''Moderators''.

Best Wishes For Every one !