I have created a guide on how I setup up my DM800HD hopefully this will help new users that were like me and didn’t have a clue... The guide is written on my experience and assumes that you already know how to ftp and setup your network.

It might have a few mistakes or I might have missed a few things out unintentionally but it should get new users started pretty sharpish.

Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions for edits and remember to ask setup questions in the correct place.

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Bally12345’s Guide to setting up DM800HD with Standard Sky Mini Dish

This guide has been written based on my experience of setting up the DM800HD, your experience may differ slightly based on the images you use and the type of network setup you have but the end result should be the same.

Initial Setup
The initial setup is going to be the same for everyone. Your DM800HD will come with a pre-installed image. I suggest first going through the Wizard and running an auto scan just to see if it picks up all the channels. Remember if you are using a standard sky mini dish like me do a scan under Astra 28.2e.

Once you are happy it is working and finding the channels then you can look at installing a new image. I choose to go with PLi Jade Enigma 2 as I found it more user friendly and less complex however feel free to try any other image to see what you prefer see http://www.cs-allocccam.com/forumdis...gital-Receiver for sat files.

Installing new image
Once you have downloaded the image extract to a location on your PC it will be a .nfi format .img .bin will not work, I just stuck it on my desktop. Connect your DM800HD to your router (make sure you have dhcp enabled) and unplug your power cable from the DM800HD.
Now whilst plugging the power cable back in keep the standby button pressed on the front of the DM800HD and you should see something like this

At his point you can release the standby button and take note of the IP.ow go over to your PC/Laptop and enter the address into your browser which will bring up the following screen.
Now go over to your PC/Laptop and enter the address into your browser which will bring up the following screen.

main screen bootup

Click on the Firmware Upgrade link which will take you to the next page where you can browse for the image you downloaded earlier.

dm800 input screen

Click on the Firmware Upgrade link which will take you to the next page where you can browse for the image you downloaded earlier.
Now browse to the .nfi file I saved mine to Desktop… Then click Flash. Now wait… It will start uploading the flash and then start installing to your DM800HD. Once it has reached 100% give it a few extra minutes to be on the safe side then unplug your DM800HD from the power and reconnect it again.
That’s your flash successfully upgraded! You should now see a new PLi Jade boot screen, will take a short while to boot up but once it does run through the wizard and select the correct settings for your TV.

Setting up Network

I suggest setting up the network next before worrying about scanning for channels. So press the Menu key goto Setup and find Network Settings. I have set my DM800HD to a static ip address however if you are happy with it being auto assigned then leave it as it is but run network test to make sure it is working correctly. If you do change to static ip you will need to enter the correct subnet mask, gateway and under ****servers the correct dns address for your isp.
Once you have an internet connection then you can start updating the software.

Software Update
I strongly suggest doing software update, goto Menu > Plugins > Software Update…

dm800 setup

Next Step

dm800 setup next step

It will prompt you to start update and download the latest files required. Once you have done this you can then go to the Plugins Menu and download New Skins, latest version CCcam (essential)

dm800hd setup step 6

This section is pretty much self expletory just download and install what you need. But to download latest version of CCcam scroll down to softcams and press ok and you will see a list of available softcams, as I have already installed CCcam its has removed it from the list but you can install as required.


Now that’s all sorted let’s look at scanning for channels. Exit the Plugin Menu and return to Main Menu.

Scanning Astra 28.2e
Once in the Main Menu page go to Setup > Service Searching

dm800 service scanning page

Then go to.

dm800hd satellite tuning page

Check your Tuner configurations, again yours may slightly differ from mine but check to see if it is the same as the picture or relevant to your setup.

dm800 tuner configuration screen

Hit ok and then this is how I have mine setup

this is a snapshot of bally12345 configuration for comparison

If you are happy then press exit twice on your remote Scroll down to Automatic Scan press ok

Dreambox dm800 about to scan for channels

To begin scanning Press ok again and now wait… I get a total of 1202 services after the scan has completed. Takes about 30mins + for me so go make yourself a cup of tea and come back after a short break.
Once the Scan has completed you will be able to view all the FTA channels as you haven’t got Cccam setup yet. By now you should be fine navigating through the Menus, so next step is to setup Ccam as your softcam.

Setting Up Softcam

In the Setup Menu scroll down to Softcam / CI and press ok… You should then see the following screen.

Menu for the softcam setup (dm800hd)

Press OK which will bring up the next screen

Softcam setup for dm800

Where it says Softcam Press Right on your remote until it looks like the screen shot then simply press the green button to save. That’s that bit sorted.
At this stage you probably already know you are still getting FTA channels only, that’s because now you need to find a Premium Card Sharing service to subscribe to. Now you can go to Google and find loads or have a look here


and create a thread to ask what other people are using and who they recommend.

Setting up Card Sharing
Once you have subscribed to a Premium Server you will be provided with some C Lines. You now have to able to FTP to your DM800HD and edit the following file “CCcam.cfg” which is located in the etc folder. Download it to your desktop and open it using WordPad. Delete everything in the file and copy and paste the C Lines that you were sent. Make sure they are on separate lines for example:

C: testserv1.domain.tld 27001 removed info no
C: testserv2.domain.tld 27003 removed info no
C: testserv3.domain.tld 29001 removed info no

Save the file and upload it making sure you overwrite the old file. Exit your FTP app and now check your DM800HD to see whether all the Channels are working. If not then try rebooting your box and check again. You should now be up and running! If you still can’t get it to work then create a thread in the appropriate forum below


This guide has been written based on my experience of setting up my DM800HD, I take no responsibility for any errors which may occur. This is not a tutorial or a step by step guide on how to setup your system. This is just how merely a guide on what I did to get my system working.

I would like to thank the following for all the help: Dogs, Chef1, bod and digidude!