Official Firmware_DM800se_RELEASE 3.0.3


enigma2 (20101116 rel30 -> 20101216 rel30)
improved mkv file compatibility
subtitle sync improvements

fixed turning motorized dish with disabled input power measurement
don't send DiSEqC repeats in advanced tuner configuration when DiSEqC 1.0 is configured
(this can fix some tune failed problems when advanced tuner config is used)

fixed broken screenshots
enabled support for wifi usb sticks
improved mobile phone like character input
improved color oled skin compatibility
fixed bug in enigma2 main config class (this fixes some broken plugins)

[Software Manager]
allow hotplug devices as backup locations
don't wait forever when network is not reachable on update

updated some translations

updated enigma2-plugins to more current checkout version (20101213 rel30)
for example this fixes not working MyTube plug-in

updated enigma2-skins to more current checkout version (20101211 rel30)
for example this improves the compatibility to the color oled display

linux kernel
fixed wrong order of sata and e-sata port (when both are used)
increased size of userspace stack to improve application compatibility

hardware drivers (20101111 -> 20101215)
allow tuning to lower than 1000ksyms with DVB-S(2) tuners again
fixed inaccurate clock
vtuner interface fixes/speedups, add vtuner acceleration support
fixed picture dropouts seen on some h264/mpeg services (buffer underruns)
fixed rare PAT timeout problems after deep standby wakeup
fixed deepstandby wakeup with the (additionally purchasable) omikron plus remote control
fixed bcm4505/06 signal problems after few seconds on Astra 19.2 tp 11914H 27500 9/10
fixed pcr problems (fixes frequently distorted live audio output)
fixed small demux problem