some advice , to avoid being fooled!

Some advice , to avoid being fooled!

Hello Users of AlloCCcam
How to avoid being fooled?

1. Ask a test at list for 24 hours or 48 hours.
The reason are 3 :
  1. if the server is completed with your Receiver.
  2. To become sure if the guy isn't scammer.
  3. Ask your server with your name.

2. Check the positive and negative commonet of the server.
  1. If there is a problem you will see it...
  2. if you find Channels that you prefer .
  3. Freeze or not

  1. 3. Check Support and know Lang.
  2. Try to contact with the Server guy and see the support
  3. so to as avoid when pay the guy will not answer..
  4. The most of the guys give support only before the payment....

4. Don't use some stuff : MoneyGram / Western Union / visa card / .......
  1. Use for Payment : PayPal / neteller .
  2. Don't use Gift or Family.

5. Do not Trust Any one he did not upgrade her membership.

Be sure that we check all the server and if we are not sure we do not make them Verified Servers.
For your own good we try to keep the best lever of CS.

The Stuff of Allocccam.
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Bardalsen- rip off merchant - Took money and gone...

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  • Bardalsen- rip off merchant - Took money and gone...

    Bought 3 x 3 months subs off Bardalsen - firstly had 1 months sub on these box's then they were coming to an end and even though paid did not extend subs period.

    It was two days and not until I stopped money with paypal that he then decides to sort it.

    Now with still a month left on the three boxs service stops and he is not on here, not on email, not on skype - NOT ANSWERING AT ALL........

    Do not pay this guy any money......................