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Cccam Toolbox - Track Illegal Users

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  • Cccam Toolbox - Track Illegal Users

    Get it HERE

    This has to be one of the best tools i have came across in my time using Cccam.It has loads of features but the best has to be the ability to see your Cccam syslog live showing any attempted logins from illegal user, double logins ect. For this to work make sure you have the following line enabled in your cfg.

    DEBUG : yes

    First download the programme rar file, make a new folder on your desktop and extract the files into it.
    Start the programme and you see the following page

    Select your language and fill in the parameters then click save.
    To view the syslog file it requires a file called syslog.conf in the same folder as your cccam.cfg file, the programme will create this for you as shown here.
    Click the syslog tab at the top them try to start syslog on box button and you will see the following screen.

    The sys log.conf file will now be created in the folder you extracted the cccam toolbox files to.

    FTP the syslog.conf file to the same folder that contains your cccam.cfg ( normally var/ect)
    Once you have done this try to start syslog on box again and you get the following box.

    If the ip dsplayed here is not your dreambox ip change it and click on use selected ip.

    Thats it you can now view your syslog live showing any illegal/double logins helping you keep everything secure.

    Here are some other useful features contained in this tool.

    Telnet, inluding easy change of box password.

    Update Cccam channel info/ providers list. files automatically placed in correct foler on box.

    Screenshot, with or without OSD

    Any questions/problems please ask away.

    Best Regards
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