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    I see a lot of premiun servers but they only advertise with the packages they have in share.
    But how do i know if they have local cards?

    I have cccaminfophp installed an i can see the shares but how do i know if its a real local card? Where the card local ident is visible?

    But some users use a vps for a cccam server, but when you order a vps you dont have the possibility to add hardware to the vps? So how is that possible then?


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    Unfortunately, You can't. but Nothing is impossible :
    If you do cardshare, you need to trust those who you share with. It isn't as easy as you think knowing if people definitely so have a real local with Oscam and CCcam, as Oscam makes this easy, although agreed cache is much more difficult. If you don't trust those you share with, then don't share with them.


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      Be smart !!
      What does it mean ?

      1 Month 8# 1 Month 25


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        So be smart is looking at the higher price? (i think that there are cccam server with no to less quality and high prices)
        I do have a premium cccam on the main box but i also have one in the bedroom. It is not possible to share with forum members and trust them instantly, because you don't know each other.

        So if i'm correct there is no way/tool/technique to find out what cards are real local? I also think that some users fake cards or hops away...