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  • cccam, config help LPZ

    Hi all
    i seem to be having a problem when i edit my config file of my dm800 using ftp and notepad.
    when i have installed a new cam lets say ccam2.13+oscam file, and then use my own configs it wont work, if i use the ccam.config which installs with the cam software then copy my f lines in there that works fine but as soon as i try to edit the file say change the port from 12000 to something new, and restart the cam for the config setting to work the cam runs ok because my card opens all channels,but when i press blue button cam info and check my shares it just says sorry connection to ccam refused check if running and check webinf settings, and my internal shares wont work, i dont understand whats going on i can change things in my configs with the same software im using for my xtrend 9200 with no problems

    thanks in advance !

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    Use Notepad++ or DCC for editting the CCcam.cfg,
    notepad wont save in linux format. becuse you will find cccam.confg like cccam.config.txt

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