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Thread: How to flash Xtrend ET5000 using USB memory stick

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  • Thread: How to flash Xtrend ET5000 using USB memory stick

    On a USB stick (USB flash memory stick) that's pre-formated to FAT32make in the root a /et5000 folder and copy the following 5 files to that location:

    1) boot.bin
    2) kernel.bin
    3) rootfs.bin
    4) imageversion
    5) unforce

    You will find firmware versions you download already have the /et5000 directory structure created for you, in which case just copy the whole of the et5000 directory across to the root of the USB stick.

    Insert the USB stick into either any of the USB ports on the ET5000 on the front or rear panel, it doesn't matter which you use.

    Now Power Off and Power On the ET5000 through the powerswitch at the rear panel of the box.

    After Power On, ET5000 will try and detect if there is ET5000 firmware available on the USB stick.

    When the yellow/orange LED shines then there is ET5000 firmware detected. To load the ET5000 firmware you'll need to press the up button on the frontpanel at this point. When the green and the yellow/orange LED shine together the ET5000 is loading the firmware.

    Note : Please be patient because it will take a couple of minutes to finish upgrading.
    When the yellow/orange LED disappears then the ET5000 is finished upgrading the firmware. The ET5000 will startup automatically after the upgrade is finished.

    Note : During upgrading, please don't unplug power or shut down STB
    The frontpanel has 3 leds: RED, GREEN, YELLOW/ORANGE
    thanx to the sponsors for this .......