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How to make your Spiderbox wireless WiFi Bridge

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  • [GUIDE] How to make your Spiderbox wireless WiFi Bridge

    How to make your Spiderbox wireless (WiFi)

    This I find is the easy way to connect your Spiderbox to your WiFi router.
    It is done with a see image ..

    The WiFi Bridge will come with software on a disk, after installing the software to your PC.
    1. Connect the WiFi Bridge to a USB port and the Lan port on the PC.
    2. Run the software and it will detect wireless networks in range.
    3. Choose your network from the list.
    4. Enter the passphrase for your wireless network.
    5. A popup on the PC should say you are connected to a wireless network, the light on my wireless bridge turns blue when connected.
    6. Remove the wireless bridge from the PC and connect it to the Spiderbox USB and Lan ports.

    7. Allow it to connect and your done.

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