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How to enter keys to Vision GSP-P2FTA ?

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    hello jemy
    there are many !!!

    Name of Receiver: vision or Echolink
    IC Number:
    M3329 B1 This line shows IC series which is "B"
    0625 TG05
    X603209000GB it may be different in different models or receiver
    Default Password: 0000
    Master Password: 3327
    Active Pixel: 720*480@30fps; 720*576@25fps
    Code Menu Activation: Press Menu and then press "2020"
    Nagravision and TPS auto rolled keys: Press Menu and then press "2121"
    Website for the software reliable:

    Most Frequently Questions are as follow:

    How to enter keys?

    1st of all activate your key editor by the method told by me above. Then press “Menu” and u will see the option of “Tools” press Ok to enter in this option now u can see an option name as “Key Editor” press Ok to enter in this option. Now u can see different kind of security boxes like Nagravision 1 & 2, Viaccess 1 & 2, Seca, etc respectively…
    Now check the security level of that particular channel whose keys u want to enter then check whether its name is given in the security boxes of ur Echolink decoder if u find that option then simply press ok on its name and enter the keys but incase if there is not a security box of a channel whose keys u have got but won’t be able to enter in ur decoder then u have to use keys editor software in-order to create that box of that particular channel. Most of the people face confusion while applying DCW & Biss in their boxes for these 2 things I am telling the method step by step just follow the instructions & u will be able to enter the keys in ur boxes.
    Enter in “keys editor” option and press Ok button @ the end of all the security levels u will find the option will be of DCW/Biss written go to that and press Ok by ur remote. Now u have 2 options @ that time if u press left side volume button then Biss security box will also shown 2 u people if u want to give simply DCW keys just press Ok 2 times on DCW option & now u can enter the keys which u can get from the keys section of forum. For Biss procedure is also the same just press 2 times Ok button by your remote on Biss security box and now u can enter keys in ur decoder.
    Note there is no need of providers for Biss/DCW keys in Echolink just start the channel u want to put the keys on the screen and follow the procedure told by me above

    How to save data loss in Echolink?

    This is a –ve point of Echolink that sometime it automatically loss all the data save in it so we have to once again install all the channels and re-arrange them it is a time consuming thing but we can save our settings & channels list inside our Echolink by doing this we will be able to have a little backup inside the memory of our Echolink
    For this press “menu” button and u will see the option “Channels” press Ok @ the end of this option u will see “Save my channels list & settings” 1st time all of u made perfect settings for ur backup and use this option to save ur settings it will ask u password @ the time of saving give it the password which u have selected for ur-self incase if u don’t remember it I have already mention the master password of Echolink(not working on all the models) now if ur channels loss by upgrading ur STB and doing default settings or due to any other reason just go in the option of “Channels” in main menu & u will see an option “Restore my channels list & setting” it’ll ask u password enter the password & ur old settings & channels will be OK

    Why it miss few channels?

    This is a big issue in Echolink this problem even still not solved by the manufacturers of Echolink I have seen the latest model of Echolink the problem remains there
    But anyways I am telling u about the solution if u r facing this kind of problem on any satellite for example Echolink won’t be able to get G Kaboom, ARY Shopping & some other channels of other satellites but I am giving here a main concept if it does so then follow the procedure given below ur channels will be Ok
    Press “list” button from ur remote control then press “yellow” button of remote & it’ll ask u about password provide the password & now u will see some new options now press “blue” button of remote and after that press “green” button now select ur required satellite on which ur receiver won’t be able to get the channels after that add frequency of the channels which are not coming in ur receiver. Write the name of channel in the “Name” option & then give Video & Audio paids which u can get from the following link. Just ignore the 3rd option which is “PCR” now @ the end you’ll the option of “Save” just save ur channel & exit ur channel will be in working if u have given Audio & Video paids correctly

    1st Time Users of New Purchased Echolink:

    Don’t tune ur receiver by using 1st time “Network Scene” option because if it miss any channel then u won’t be able to get it back by any other way except to create it.1st time only do the “Preset Scene” & after that do “Network Scene”

    the frequencies from satellites and will tune all the channels

    Smart card & Serial port?

    Press “menu” button & enter in “tools” option @ the end u will see “Smart card & Serial port” option enter in it now u can see 2 options here one is “Gbox SSSP” & other will be “Keyfly Dongle” options “Gbox SSSP” this option is used for sharing purpose if u want to select it just exit when u seen that option ur option will be automatically selected. Now we move to “Keyfly Dongle” it is a security level which is currently used by some of channels like “InXtc”, “Spice Platinum” etc for this conformation here is a link for all just go the following link & conform it by ur-self that which channel are currently using this security level. U can watch these channels with a device which is attach @ the RS232 port & u can watch all the channels comes under the influence of that security level but u have to select it 1st in the options & exit selecting procedure is same as “Gbox SSSp”

    Data cable configuration for Echolink/clones?

    5 <--> 5
    3 <--> 2
    2 <--> 3
    1 cable is neutral. Note u can see these numbers written on front side of the connecter.