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Setting up your SpiderBox Setup & Installation Guide

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  • Setting up your SpiderBox Setup & Installation Guide

    NB:- the latest patches are dated march 2012

    This is how to set it up the easiest way possible.
    USALS motor setup.
    _________________________________ __
    Connect all cables.
    LNB cable to LNB in
    HDMI or Scart connected between the TV and the spiderbox
    Network cable connected. One end to the spiderbox and the other to a suitable router.
    Turn it on There IS a switch at the back.
    press the power switch in your remote control to turn it on.

    Press the menu button.

    Select the Installation section by scrolling right/left

    Go to motor setup, press OK

    Enter pin code "0000"

    Press the green button to allow you to enter your longitude and latitude.

    Longitude is switched between E & W by pressing the < and > buttons.

    Enter your longitude by using the number keys. Note: if your Longitude is 1.5W (for example) you must enter 001.5W in this field.

    Enter your latitude, e,g, 55.6N. You can change N to S with the arrow keys too, but most of you won't want to do that.

    Scroll down to save and press OK.

    ********************************* ***************** **
    Apply a patch:

    Get a USB stick.

    Download a patch from here

    EXTRACT the file (*.uad) from the rar file and copy it to your USB stick.
    You must extract the file using winzip or winrar or a similar program as the rar file on a USB stick will not be of any use to you.

    Insert the USB stick into one of the USB ports in your spiderbox.

    Go to the Accessory Section of the menu and select USB.

    Scroll to the .uad file you have copied there and press OK

    In the popup window, select S/W Update

    Wait for your box to load the patch.. DO NOT POWER OFF

    The box will reboot by itself with the new patch installed.

    Apply a settings list
    _________________________________ ____


    the new versions of the 9000hd box & Combo box (september 2010) does not get activated via Neuvoxstream anymore as it does not work ..
    you install your new patch and go to Ethernet+ and register there .. the key will pop up and say connected

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    and here are my various notes to the 7000 and 9000 HD boxes , a 5000 SD box may be different to this ( different menus etc )



    the new versions of the 900hd box , 7000HD box & the Combo box (from september 2010) do not get activated via Neuvoxstream anymore and it does not work if you try it..
    you install your new patch and go to service+ and register there .. the onscreen box will pop up and say connected

    set the ip to a fixed ip in network server and also back up your channel list to usb stick if you are upgrading ,and the system as well , onto a usb pen drive formatted to fat32

    1) and then load the boxer26 patch from 12 FEB 2011 from a usb stick ( or a later patch if there is a newer one, check the dates )


    2) alternatively just load the latest patch for your box as it seems it always incorporates all the previous additions and fixes

    now factory reset the stb from the menu , reboot , and load the channel list you backed up ( or one from here ) and then highlight network and turn on the gift in network using 1111

    go into network - ethernet and register ( working lan and internet connections required ), and the ethernet gift will say connected only , with no date showing but will have the 250MCaabbccdd01 code where the last 5 pairs of your mac code come after the 250MC for registration (it ignores the first 00 of the actual mac code listed in grey in NETWORKING)

    go into keyedit and turn on both of the ucas options ( third and fourth ones down ) , also press reset keydata too on the second option down , and exit , then load in the latest spiderbox HD softcam from the spider softcam section ( or the SDsoftcam if using a spiderbox 5000 SD box )

    so its:-
    Download the softcam zip or rar file , go to the unpacked winzip or winrar folder icon, there will be a softcam file inside, right click on it and copy it to usb stick
    Go to your usb and paste that file onto your fat32 formatted usb stick. I usually copy the whole softcam folder to the usb stick
    Take the usb to your box and plug it in, go to menu, USB, highlight the softcam key file and click ok to update your box.
    Before that, Make sure in the key edit menu, you reset all key data, and make sure both Ucas are set to On. and use 1111 on NETWORK

    reboot and you should now have ucas with the latest softcam keys , and the 1 gift server connected and authorised and working

    then check channels that are opened by the server and ucas ,
    if not check the mac address is correct according to the one inside the box on a white sticky label ( or inside the front flap ) , also check the box has a valid ip address from the router and is connected properly

    finally , backup the channel list again , and the system as well , to the pen drive , for safety

    _________________________________ _________________________________ ______________

    you can disengage the code but you need the remote to do it
    but i will explain anyway
    menue,parental control,then you enter 4 digits,then lock channel,off,lock installation off
    that will stop the need for entering the code,except on the parental control
    you will still have to enter the 4 digit code to enter that

    thanks go to mister-t for this guide above

    _________________________________ _________________________________ ___________

    nb:- ensure your usb device is formatted to fat32 first

    PVR function.

    Go to PVR menu.
    Here you can set the recording size and turn off/on the Timeshift.
    To record press the Record button on the remote. To end recording press the Stop button on the remote.
    To review the recording press the Play button on the remote. A list of all your recordings will appear.
    Choose the recording that you want to watch and select it using the OK button.
    You can pause,forward or rewind.
    To return to TV press the Stop button.

    You can record using the EPG by pressing the green button.
    Select channel and press the REC key.
    If you want to Timeshift,still when a recording is in progress,press the pause button.
    To resume watching, press the Play button.

    You can Timer record using the Timer option in the menu.
    Select the Timer Index - untill 7 recordings can be scheduled.
    Set Active to 'Recording'.
    Set channel, Start Time and Duration and then exit.

    to delete recording
    press play button, a list of recordings appears
    high light file to delete
    press red button to delete
    there is also a selection to delete all recordings


    line priority ( taken from al sat and posted by member manunt )

    pressing the remote control <Pr button brings up the client list , instead of going into the network section

    leave all on
    Press <PR button
    Scroll to C line you want to use
    Press Fn1 on remote
    That line will be come active serv*r.

    this will prioritise the serv*r you wish to use as default , which could be a local card in another local box

    this is because you cannot add 256 after the 14 in deskey

    setting up your router for the spider and other boxes etc

    check the range of ports on your netgear for starters

    if your netgear is on , then it is likely that the following ip,s are available to you from the netgear to , or thereabouts

    choose spiderbox menu , network , ip setup

    so if you set your spider to say, with netmask to

    it would read

    network setting manual

    IP Address

    Subnet Mask


    1st DNS

    2nd DNS

    MAC Address (your personal 12 character hexadecimal box mac address is here , same as on your internal motherboard sticker , like this:- 12:34:56:ab:cd:ef)

    then hit apply at the bottom and reboot

    then go into your netgear control admin panel

    and add that fixed ip and mac addy to the local allowed lan equipment ( read your router manual for this )



    look through the top vents with a torch and you will see the mac address written on a label inside the spiderbox on the component board

    write this down on a piece of paper , then go into menu-accessory-network , select Network just below Type , where it says IP Setup

    The Mac Address is shown at the bottom above apply , check the details in there exactly match the ones you wrote down

    on the 9900 the mac address is on a sticker near the front of the stb, left hand side of the cardreaders it requires removal of cover to see it


    if they are the same , leave it alone !!

    while you are in that menu you will also see your router ip address

    so it will be something like this :-

    IP address
    SUBnet mask
    1st dns
    2nd dns
    Mac Address 01:23:45:1A:B8:C9

    if that is similar to what I have written above , then your mac code and ip address are correct , so apply and exit , OR just exit

    please note , the mac address shown above is an EXAMPLE , and not anyones actual mac address , that actual info is private !!

    mac addresses consist of 12 character , a combination of the digits 0 to 9 and letters A to F , which means they are hexadecimal

    if the system info section is showing oct 7 2011 then the latest 2011 boxer patch seems to be in the spiderbox , so exit


    you can do similar tricks with your pc , lappy and any other connected equipment , by choosing a different ip address from the range

    preferably leave the first 10 ip,s free for any dhcp connections , and fix your boxes , laptops , pc,s and tv,s to higher ip addresses as there are usually over 200 to choose from

    _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ ______________


    on my boxes press menu and choose usb , you should see your FAT32 formatted pen drive if you inserted it beforehand

    browse to your backup folder or channel list folder you made earlier on it using your pc or laptop

    at the bottom of the usb menu it will alternate between slideshow and the four coloured buttons with different options for each colour

    green says save data

    so press green

    choose the top CHANNEL DATA and press the ok button , it will save your channel list in UDB format

    pressing ALL S/W DATA will save the system file in UAD format

    nb:- these can also be saved anywhere on the usb stick , even the root , but I like to use folders on mine to keep it neat and tidy


    posted on another forum , here is what they said

    i have got just about every avi file to work perfect by using divx manager and selecting rhapsody, xvid, bit rate 887 and converting, then playing the converted file through usb, the conversion is very quick and so far no problems, link to download divx manager is in supplied instruction book, regards ardvaak


    I have one or two AVI files that will play on nothing - not the spiderbox, not the Azbox, and not the Vu+
    I used WinAvi ver. 9.0 to convert them and now they work on all three receivers. - anrakh



    EXTRA COMBO INFO on accessing terrestrial channels

    if you press the sat button and scroll to the end of the list you will see terrestrial
    press ok on terrestrial that should take you into the channel list

    _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _____________

    note , these are the main differences between the two main HD boxes :-

    the 9000 has 2 scarts , a cam slot , an rf output modulator for rf channel delivery by analogue coaxial methods , and the remote control can be used to operate your tv , vcr etc

    the 7000 has only 1 scart , , no cam slot , it has no rf output modulator , and cannot be used to operate a tv or vcr etc either

    but apart from the above they do the same basic tasks and can use the same HD channel lists and softcam etc