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How to Install MicroBox II Software:

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  • [INSTALL] How to Install MicroBox II Software:

    How to Install MicroBox II Software:

    Step 1:

    - First of all if you have MicroBox I, you have to convert it to MicroBox II, so what you need to do is to download the Loader software form the softwares section, you will see the file as below:


    Step 2:

    - Now as you can see in the above picture, choose your configuration, like the port that you want to use, in our case its COM1, and the mode as well, download, Dump, Erase. In our case we want to download the file so we should choose download. After that click browse and locate the .bin file that you want to download, e.g download the W3 software and locate it from the downloader.


    Step 3:

    - Now click download and the downloading should start automatically, so depends on the software the you choose, you dongle will be updated upon that. Once you are done, reboot your dongle and you should be fine.

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    Nice job m'y friend this post very usefull