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  • [GUIDE] DreamboxEdit Guide

    Here is how to upgrade your Dreambox with the latest up-to-date Bouquets, Using the App DreamboxEdit (Found In The Download Section) All you need to do is manually edit your Regional channels (BBC & ITV) Info on how to later in tutorial.

    Step 1 :- Open DreamboxEdit

    Step 2 :- Now click Options Logo or (Tools > Options)

    This section will appear, OK time to insert your Dreambox details (Only need to do this once).

    IP of Dreambox :- Whatever your IP, Your Dreambox uses to access the Internet (Usually found in Network settings on Dreambox)

    Username = root | Password = dreambox | These are the default settings input as I have or unless you changed them manually enter what you changed them to.

    Enigma1 = Dreambox 500, 600, 7020 Users Click Satellite Receiver (Grey Box - Right Hand Side) then file path should say this :- /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/

    Enigma2 = Dreambox 500 HD, 800, 8000 Users Click Enigma2 Settings (Grey Box - Right Hand Side) then file path should say this :- /etc/enigma2/

    Click on Advanced Tab and make sure Display 'Reboot Dreambox' option on FTP screen is ticked

    Click save and thats you done with this bit.

    Step 3 :- Now click Open Icon, or (File > Open) Browse your Downloaded Bouquet and click OK, Will Look like the image below

    Changing Regional Channels, Find your Regional Channel and drag it across from left column into the middle column and delete the one you don't want (Do this for BBC & ITV channels) make sure you click save.

    Step 4 :- Ready to send files to Dreambox now. Click FTP icon or (File > FTP)

    First set out exactly how I have Untick all 3 boxes at the bottom left.

    Select IP Settings Set :- Make sure the profile you created is chosen.

    Now click 'Send Files To Dreambox' Let it do its job, It should say complete.

    Next click 'Reload Settings On Dreambox' Again let it do its job, It should say complete.

    Finally click 'Reboot Dreambox' and by now your new settings should be uploaded to your Dreambox

    The End.