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  • Dreambox Remote Control

    Dreambox Remote Control


    Remote control for dreambox tv boxes.The first time this app is used it will attempt to automatically detect the address of the dreambox. If the autodetection fails the dreambox address has to be configured manually. To configure the dreambox address select Settings from the options menu (see screenshots above).
    Use Change appearance from the options menu to change between the web user interface and the native android app user interface.
    This app only works if you have access to a dreambox, or any other Enigma1 based tv box:
    * DM500 (confirmed)
    * DM600
    * DM56x0
    * DM7000
    * DM7020
    * DM7020HD

    It also has support for Enigma2 boxes and OpenWebIf (still beta version, please send debug info):
    * DM500HD
    * DM7025 (confirmed)
    * DM800HD (confirmed)
    * DM800HD se
    * DM8000HD
    Note: You have to have access to the dreambox from your android devices for this app to work. E.g. be on the same LAN.
    Note 2: The web user interface only provides a convenient way to access the built-in web based remote control whereas the native app user interface is an android user interface.