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Writing Effective Article Titles for Your Article Marketing Campaign

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  • Writing Effective Article Titles for Your Article Marketing Campaign

    An article marketing campaign is one of the most effective tools for search engine optimization or SEO. In such campaigns, people write many articles and submit them to different article directories with high page ranks and page views. When these articles get approved, they appear in these directories and other e-zines with high traffic. These articles, which contain back links, are exposed to the target audience of the site and they might read these articles and even visit the relevant sites.
    When the readers visit the relevant website, the traffic to the site increases and its ranking in search engines improves as well. However, if the articles do not have effective titles, then these people will not even click on them and the purpose of writing the articles will not be served.
    Why is article title important?
    People, in today's world, are impatient and do not have a lot of time in their hands. They do not like to read everything which they come across and instead, they like to read only those articles those appeals to them. This is why, it is very important to create an article title that can appeal to the target audience and make them understand that the article can add value to their lives.
    For example, if your website deals with debt management and you have created an article which talks about fundamentals of managing debt, you can create a title which says, "How to manage your debt effectively?" rather than a title that says, "Information about debt management'
    The second title suggests something very generic which the average internet users cannot benefit from. On the other hand, the first title suggests that the article contains specific information about debt management which people can learn from and implement in their personal lives.
    How to write effective titles for articles?
    The secret behind writing effective article titles is to keep them simple and yet attractive. Use the simplest of words possible and make a title that shows that the readers can gain something positive by reading the article. People prefer titles which are short and are written in a conversational manner. It is also important that the article title is not misleading and is relevant to the subject matter of the article. A misleading title will create a very bad image of your business and it will also hamper your credibility. Hence, you should create a title which is short, simple, attractive and relevant.
    Here are a few steps that can help you in writing effective titles for articles:
    1. Understand your content - first of all, you need to understand the content of your website so that you can analyze it and create a title that provides a clear picture of the content. For example, if you write an article about different steps that one can take to make money on the Internet, the title of the article should be something that will indicate that the article talks about making money online.
    2. Use the keywords - another effective way of creating attractive title for articles is using the keywords to create the title. This will not only help in drawing the attention of the readers to the articles but will also help with search engine optimization of the article and will go a long way in generating more traffic for the website. For example, if the keywords of your content are "diabetes control", the title of the article should be constructed using these keywords.
    Apart from the above, you should make sure that the title of the article is short and precise so that it can draw the attention of the readers.

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