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    The beauty of 'how to' articles is that people are automatically attracted to their headlines. People lead hectic lives these days and simply have no time for anything else. Work swallows us whole and drains us of whatever energy we have. So anything that makes our lives easier or saves us time, will be nothing but golden.
    But what exactly draws people to read articles in the first place? You have the article published, you have a decent amount of exposure, you have a significant presence in your space, but no one seems to be reading or commenting on your articles. If this is something that seems familiar to you, then this is your solution right here.
    An article can't be amazing without a killer headline.
    Your headline is an invitation to potential readers. It's essentially an offer. Readers trade their time for useful information that they're interested in. The basis of producing a killer headline is to simply improve this offer; make it an offer that no one can refuse.
    For example, if you're writing an article about 'How to build your own computer', you're going to be competing with hundreds of quality articles that have been published, used, circulated, and relied on by millions. It's nothing new, nothing fresh, and nothing that people will find useful since they can find similar content pretty much everywhere else. By tweaking the offer, you can make potential readers think to themselves 'Well, I've never heard of that'.
    A more impressive headline for this example would be 'How to build your own computer in 60 minutes'.
    It sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? That is exactly what you want your readers to think when they're browsing through your blog or website. You want them to look at your headlines and question themselves, that's what draws them to click into your article to begin with.
    Another trick is to revamp the entire format of a 'how to' article headline. Many people know this, but it's rarely put into a practice. You don't need to include 'how to' in your article title. Here are a few alternatives to the traditional 'how to' headline.
    • How I built my computer in 60 minutes
    • Building computers have never been faster with these tips
    • You can build a computer in 60 minutes or less

    The general idea is to include an amazing offer in your headline, but not necessarily an exaggeration. It needs to hold some weight as well, otherwise your reader's going to end up disappointed and it might hurt your reputation if what you write doesn't fulfill its promise.
    Stop writing boring, traditional headlines and start thinking out of the box. There's more than one way to skin a cat, and there's definitely more than one way to write an amazing headline.

    This article was written by Aaron Fong from ZOOM Articles, the FASTEST professional article writing service ever.

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