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10 the Best Free Apps for iPhone

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  • 10 the Best Free Apps for iPhone

    One of the best things about iOS users, and especially on the iPhone, is that they are not afraid to spend a little money to get a great app. Recent statistics have shown that iOS users spend four times more on purchases through their devices than Android users do. Despite this greater willingness to pay for something useful, there are still plenty of free apps out there which are worth using regularly. In fact, there are thousands of apps available for the iPhone that range from heavily used to almost unnoticed. Below we compiled a quick list of ten of the best free apps which you can use on your iPhone.

    The following list showcases a wide variety of options that are available to iPhone users which could prove useful for social networking, storage, productivity, photography, and much more. This list is presented in no particular order since each of these apps perform different functions. If you have a favorite app which does something similar to the apps on this list, feel free to share your opinion in the forums.
    1. Dropbox
    There are a number of different online storage options available to users, including offerings from Apple and Google themselves, but Dropbox is still one of the best free options you can find. Not only is Dropbox free, it is also easier to use than most of the competition. You can store the files you want to sync in a folder on your computer and then access them from your device to download them or just view them.
    2. Skype
    Although FaceTime is a great app for what it does, if you are trying to video chat with someone who isn’t on a Mac or other iOS device, you have to look elsewhere. Thankfully, Skype is a free download and handles this task perfectly. It’s easy to use and very handy, and is pretty much a must download for this purpose.
    3. Facebook
    Obviously this app needs no introduction. It’s the world’s largest social network, and although there are things which are frustrating about it, for the most part Facebook reigns supreme in versatility and power. If you use Facebook at all, then you owe it to yourself to try it out on the iPhone. Some argue that the experience on their smartphone is actually better than on the desktop.
    4. Twitter
    Here’s the other big social network software which is difficult to duplicate for its massive user-base. It’s not quite as handy as a mobile app, yet it still provides the best quick way to share your experiences instantaneously with the world.
    5. Evernote
    Evernote is one of those incredibly useful tools that help improve your daily productivity. This one for the iPhone is especially user-friendly and efficient. For folks who need to store notes and ideas it’s hard to find anything better.
    6. Kindle
    The Kindle app for iPhone is obviously only useful if you purchase Kindle books to use on your iPhone. For those who fall into this category, it’s the best available option, and offers Amazon’s massive collection of books at your fingertips.
    7. Shazam
    It’s amazing to see what the wonders of modern technology can do, and Shazam is a glorious example of that. If you’ve ever heard a song in the car or some public place, and were frustrated that you couldn’t figure out the name of the song or the artist, then Shazam will be a useful app for you. It’s almost like magic how it easily discerns this information just by “listening” to a few seconds of audio from nearly any song imaginable.
    8. Find My iPhone
    If you’ve ever misplaced or been in a situation where your iPhone was stolen, then this app could be a god-send for you. After setting up a free account with this app ahead of time, it allows you to quickly and easily locate your iPhone via remote GPS tracking. This one is like insurance… you may never need it, but will be glad you had it if you do.
    9. PayPal
    For users who ever need to transfer money and make online payments back and for business or personal use, nothing compares with the PayPal app. One of its standout features is its notifications setup, which allows users to instantly know when they have received a payment. Very handy!
    10. Instagram
    Here’s another free app that has grown in popularity to massive proportions over the years. Instagram is still one of the best ways to share your experiences through pictures with your friends and family.
    This is just one small list of some of the best free apps available for the iPhone. Obviously there are hundreds more, including quite a few “big-name” apps, but an exhaustive list is not possible in this article. Please share your perspective!

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